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New Premises for Black Forest Smoke House

Release Date: 23-May-2011

Founder and managing Director of the company, Richard Deignan said the move enables Black Forest Smokehouse to more easily meet the growing demand from customers, while maintaining quality consistency.

“We’ve invested over $AUD 2 million in the new plant to ensure we have plenty of capacity for future growth. The result is premises that are twice the size of our old plant with dedicated refrigerated rooms for every stage of the production process – from boning meats through to curing, drying, smoking, baking and packaging,” he said.

“Whereas our staff were climbing over each other to get things done in the last facility, now there is plenty of room to work. And that means greater efficiency as well as a happier and safer workforce.”

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As Executive Chef for NSW Parliament, it is my continual pleasure to be offered new and exciting produce that raises the bar ..

Scott Clark - Executive Chef
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