Award winning smallgoods

We have a small door - come visit

You may be surprised to know that despite the impressive size of our purpose built facility, and the fact that we process over 13 tonnes of fresh Australian pork every week, the Black Forest Smoke House has a small shopfront door and a big smile for every customer.



148 Victoria Rd
Marrickville NSW 2204
Phone:(02) 9516 3210

Store Hours

Mon - Thu 6:00am – 4:00pm
Fri: 6:00am – 3:00pm

We always welcome chefs into our facilities, invite them to tour our operation and engage with our own onsite chefs and food handlers.

Our team offers personal service and above all, we’re happy to take special orders or work with you to develop a unique signature dish that can be served at your restaurant or hotel.

''With so many exceptional smallgoods on offer, each one of them as delicious as the last, you'd better bring a big bag!''

Black Forest Friends (BFF)

At Black Forest Smokehouse, we’re excited at the prospect of having you enjoy our meats at home as well as in your favourite restaurant or hotel. We are slowly testing a new way for the people of Sydney to access our exclusive offers through friends of the Black Forest.

As a Friend of Black Forest Smoke House, we will soon invite you to purchase our meats and small goods at special friends’ rates. You’re welcome to review our product list in the meantime and join our newsletter so you don't miss out.


02 9516 3210

As Executive Chef for NSW Parliament, it is my continual pleasure to be offered new and exciting produce that raises the bar ..

Scott Clark - Executive Chef
Richard talks to Today Tonight about what makes a great Ham, the Pink Pork Logo and a WIN for the Blackforest Smokehouse. more