Executive Chef Scott Clark from NSW Parliamentary Catering speaks on Black Forest Smokehouse

executive chef scott clark black forest smoke house

As Executive Chef for NSW Parliament, it is my continual pleasure to be offered new and exciting produce that raises the bar from a quality perspective and offers my team the satisfaction of working with produce sourced from Regional NSW. Parliamentary Catering has been supplied by Blackforest Smokehouse for close to 20 years and came to us via a strong network of agribusiness field managers from the Department of Industry and Investment working closely with recognised meat industry leaders. Awards from industry associations and networking commendations acknowledge the superlative production techniques and carefully studied service standards round out Richards commitment to excellence. Technically perfect products with long sweet flavour on the palate combine with the bonus of consistently higher yield to make Blackforest Smallgoods a joy to work with, net profitable and return higher guest satisfaction.

Scott Clark
Executive Chef
NSW Parliamentary Catering