You can find us either at our factory, throughout the majority of 5 star hotels throughout the eastern seaboard

Do you supply cafes?

Yes we do. Feel free to get in touch with us direct or order though ‘Food by Us’.

WHat Times are we open?

M-T 6am-4pm, F 6-3

Do We have a storefront?

Yes we do. Our Factory/Storefront is located at 148 Marrickville Road, Marrickville. Feel free to drop by and stock up on your bacon or any other meats. If its for your personal fridge or your business we have you covered. (Note: We only accept cash at the storefront).

Do We Sell AIR Dried/cured meats?

Again, yes! We own and operate BB Meats which specialise in delivering only the highest quality dried meats and goods. Head to BB Meats website for more info.